Have you lost your natural shape because of weight fluctuations or age? Are you no longer comfortable with how you look and the fitting of your clothes? If that is the case then you should consider getting a Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery. A Brazilian butt lift is a famous form of plastic surgery or rather cosmetic procedure that entails the transfer of fats to aid in creating more fullness to your backside. The fat grafting leaves natural looking results after the procedure. However, for this procedure to be successful you have to find a qualified surgeon. Back ground checks are important for identifying real surgeons from the many con men who claim to offer the service. 

There is a procedure followed when going for a Brazilian butt lift surgery. The procedure is mostly performed under anesthesia. This ensures a painless performance of the surgery by temporarily losing your senses. However, in a surgery where small volumes of fat are being transferred, local anesthesia which is numbing medication is used. The surgeon then uses liposuction to extract fat from other parts of your body. Liposuction involves using a tube to remove fat from the body after incisions on the skin. The fats removed from your body are then purified. After purification, the surgeon injects the fat into your buttocks on specific areas of the behind in order to create a more rounded and fuller look to the butt. Lastly, liposuction and fat incisions are stitched up and a compression garment is applied on the affected parts of the skin to reduce bleeding. 

A Brazilian butt lift has several advantages. As opposed to other forms of butt surgery like the use of silicone implants, the Brazilian butt lift surgery is meant and indeed gives more natural looking results by creating the needed round shape on your behind. Again, figure imbalances that make it difficult to wear some clothes easily and comfortably can be solved by this procedure. Age in some people brings along shapelessness and sagging. A Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery can help counter such issues. In addition, there is a lower risk of infection with this surgery as compared to getting implants. 

Nonetheless, it is important to learn about the disadvantages and side effects that come with the Brazilian butt lift.  In some cases, there are lumps under the skin in the areas injected during the surgery. An individual is also left with some scars on the skin. Even though the rate of infection is minimal with this procedure, they may be present. After the anesthesia elapses one is likely to feel pain. In a study carried out, there is respiratory distress and even death when the surgery is carried out incorrectly. The injected fat can enter the veins on the butt and easily travel to the lungs which brings complications. In other cases, the behind might fail to take up the required shape forcing you to undergo an additional procedure. 

Similar to other surgeries, after this procedure the patient is required to take care until the area is healed. This may take a few weeks depending on how your body responds. It is important to note that for anyone to achieve lasting results and avoid complications, they need to look for a qualified surgeon. 

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