Flu prevention with Chiropractic Care

Can Chiropractic treatments really prevent me from getting the flu?

Yes! Chiropractic adjustments actually can prevent people from developing the flu and it is actually well documented.

What happens, is the adjustments encourage a burst of first defender White Blood Cells.

These are called Neutrophils and they are released into the bloodstream.

These first defenders attack the foreign invaders, including the flu virus.

Chiropractic Health

From a Chiropractic standpoint, it is amazing how there is a symbiotic relationship between the Central Nervous System and the immune system.

Chiropractic adjustments can help connect the two systems.

Chiropractic treatments have a complementary nature with respect to increasing immunity for people that are additionally taking the Flu Shot.

Chiropractic Application

You can ask Dr. Caulfield at Surrey Family Chiropractic & Massage about getting the necessary chiropractic treatments for the upcoming flu season.

Dr. Caulfield will sit down with you to discuss a personal plan for your immune system and your health in general.

His sincere and caring nature will give you the feeling of certainty that you are in very capable hands.

Just Clic on the above link to direct you to your new lease on life.

Clinical Nutrition. Whole food supplements can play a major role in up-regulating the body’s immune response.  Over the past 25 years the science of vitamin compounds, herbal formulas, protomorphogens, glandular extracts and enzymes have out-performed pharmaceuticals in many cases of colds, flus and viruses.

Common antibacterial foods and herbs to consider include:

• Garlic

• Onion

• Turmeric

• Ginger

• Lemon

• Cayenne

• Cinnamon

• Peppermint

Using a combination of foods and herbs that help remove viruses and bacteria will provide a comprehensive approach that will also provide a nice immune system boost as well. Preparing them in a way that keeps them in their raw form with easy to assimilate nutrients will provide you with the closest thing to a silver bullet for the common cold.


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