Types of “Functional Mushrooms” and Uses

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Uses of types of functional mushroom

Lion Mane

This is a type of functional mushroom, which contains several health-promoting substances, which include; beta-glucan and antioxidants. It is widely available in supplement form. 

However, it has strong anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting abilities, and antioxidants, helps repair nerve damage, may protect against dementia, reduces mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, and also lowers the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and ulcers.


It is also known as Lingzhi. It is used in treating cancer and pulmonary diseases. It enhances the immune system reduces fatigue, improves sleep, and reduces stress.

It also helps in health conditions such as;

High cholesterol, liver and kidney disease, high blood pressure, viral infection, cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, and builds strength and stamina.

It is cultivated and sold as food but it may be bitter and tough. It is usually taken as an extract in form of capsule, liquid, powder, or dried when taken for health reasons.


This is a type of fungi  that growing on the trunks of trees, especially birch trees. It is also known as, clinker polypore, cinder conk, sterile conk trunk rot, and lack mass. It stimulates the immune system, might lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar, it contains some chemicals that have an antioxidant effect.

 It also produces a woody growth known as conk. It is available in supplement form and tea.

How to eat Mushrooms

You can prepare them and pair them with different ingredients. However, slice them up raw and toss them in a salad, grill them, roast them or sauce them. Add them to sandwiches, Italian dishes, soups, wraps, and casserole. 

Mushrooms work well as the main course for vegetarians or as a side dish.


Types of “Functional Mushroom” and Uses(Lion Mane, Reishi, Chaga) are good in medicinal but they also have some risks. For example, the Chaga type of functional mushroom leads to people experiencing skin rashes and difficulty breathing this is after exposure to lion mane. Reishi mushrooms can cause an allergic reaction.

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